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Frequencer - Martab Medical

Frequencer Rental Product

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Consisting of two parts, a control unit and a transducer, the Frequencer™ greatly reduces mucus viscosity by applying low-energy resonant vibrations to promote mucus flow. The Frequencer™ is easy to use, requiring no special training in breathing techniques, is priced competitively, and is well-suited to the treatment of young children.

To operate the Frequencer™, the user places the transducer on the area to be stimulated, then adjusts the frequency and the volume to create sympathetic resonance that can be felt in the lungs. Within a few seconds, the vibration begins to loosen mucus, provoking coughing and the expectoration of sputum. The patient can be in a sitting or reclined position for treatment, as necessary to encourage mucus flow.

Call to request product information and pricing - 800-229-2290

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