Air-Shields C-2000 Infant Incubator Get a quote for this product


Caring for low birth weight neonates requires creating the best possible thermal-neutral environment. The C2000 Infant Incubator helps to promote and foster neonatal care by delivering a heated and humidified environment.


  • Optional Dual Access Doors – Allow access from either side, expediting care. 
  • Thermal Performance – Patented dual air curtains reduce radiant heat loss from the infant by warming the inner hood surface. A bi-directional airflow feature helps to minimize temperature fluctuations when the access doors are opened.
  • Large Mattress and Dual Probes – The C2000 incubator allows for simultaneous care of twins in the same unit, allowing more incubators for more patients.
  • Internal Noise Level less than or equal to 47dBA – Maintains a supportive environment for both patient and caregiver.
  • Optional In-bed Scale – Weigh the baby in a warm environment with minimal disturbance.
  • 24-hour Data Trends – This unit facilitates record keeping for air and skin temperature, oxygen, humidity, heater power, and weight changes.

Created by Visionary Fusion.