Air-Shields TI-500 Infant Incubator Get a quote for this product


The TI 500 Transport provides a mobile neonatal intensive care system, to accommodate your most critical infants during transport.


  • Front-Mounted Controls – All patient parameters are easily viewed and available for quick access.
  • Internal Tank Storage – Gas tanks are housed beneath the incubator frame providing compact storage, easy access.
  • Auxiliary Flow Meter - An auxiliary flowmeter is standard on the Air-Shields® TI500 Globe-Trotter™ Neonatal Transport System with an additional hand circuit to allow manual
    resuscitation if necessary. This offers the ability to ventilate twins in one incubator.


  • Facilities for fluid delivery and vital signs monitoring
  • Strain relief blocks to prevent accidental extubation
  • Capacity for recharging auxiliary support equipment batteries
  • Available on a choice of stands

Created by Visionary Fusion.